Weigh Master - Your reliable, customizable, cost-effective and secure weighing software.

Easy, accurate and reliable way to control weighing operation

Weigh Master is a weighing and computing system with extensive data extraction, collection and processing functions. This solution is designed to help you to manage and track the critical information created at the time of weighing and label products in an easy and flexible manner.

This software solution comes in two versions:

  • Weigh Master or Truck Version
  • Industrial Application Version

Key Software Features

Salient Feature
  • Software available on Microsoft.Net® and IBM Lotus® platforms.
  • Offline synchronization concept as now a days all webridge are far. Incase of no network still weighbridge works.
  • Possible to addition of multiple instances and processes.
  • Mailer and scheduler so mails can be sent automatically to people.
  • Parameterised serial number generation.
  • Import and export facility.
  • Easy search filter in most places.
  • Very interactive GUI.
  • CCTV Integration.
  • POS MODULE :special module to integrate with point of scale and weighing scale.
Technology benefits
  • Low TCO amongst comparable systems.
  • Integrates with most current IT systems, especially Mail, cctv, auxiliary display.
  • Bug free and easily customizable.
  • User defined system like (UDF, report writer, slip generator etc).
  • Accurate weight management.
  • Database driven application.
  • Connection to any weighing scale having RS232 output.
  • Link to 3rd-party application, like Tally, Save Pastel, SAP.
  • Report-writer for user-defined customer report.
  • Weighing document control and management.
  • User-profile for use control and management.
  • Easy management of concepts like theoretical weight, varieants and multiple tare weight.
  • Multiple process management (in-out, rejection-acceptance).
Business Impact
  • Control benefits costs.
  • Automate benefits administration.
  • Increase accuracy of benefits, deductions and premium payments.
  • Improve service quality and consistency on weighbridge.
  • Provide employees greater control and insight into benefits planning.
  • Centralize access to data.
Weighbridge Application

The Weighbridge Version is best suited for industries such as weigh stations, bulk grain operations, mining operations where Weigh Master can take two separate measurements to calculate the net weight. This version is designed to work with any kind of weighbridge having on PC. A key feature is the "drop-down" which reduces data errors and increases efficiency. Robust and secure, Weigh Master is designed in a manner that it reads data from the indicator eliminating tampering of data.

  • Track manual weight.
  • Supports auxillary display and can be integrated to CCTV.
  • Records shift timings and turnaround time analysis.
  • High level of security at weighbridge entry point.
  • Complex packing mode.
  • Security Features with pre defined user access rights.
  • multiple weighbridge on same network or same pc support.
  • possibility of having external procedures with system.
  • offline concept specially for weigh management as weighbridges are far. So incase network is done it still works.
  • cctv integration.
  • mailer and scheduler.
  • auditing.
  • multiple weighbeige, addional module to manage weighbeige.
Industry Application Version

The Industrial Application Version is designed for industries such as plastics, packaging, agro based horticultural and floriculture segments, and any manufacturing entity. When an item is weighed, Weigh Master can detect if the weight is within the appropriate range, print a complex bar-code label, and track the information the generate management reports. The software is flexible to be integrated with RFID and Bar code for efficient and effective stock analysis and reconciliation.

  • Multiple packaging mode.
  • Bulk weighing and multiple material weighing in one entry.
  • Concept of theoritical weight per material vs. actual.
  • Label/ document printing on weighing (fully customizable).
  • Linking to stocks and reconciliation of stock using barcode.
  • Packing mode (for auto tare weight).
  • Addition of any additional fields as per requirement.
  • Customization of concepts depending on work flow.
  • Security Features with pre defined user access rights.
  • Data integration with erp (subjected to study).
  • Multiple department management, linking to job file and material wastage management.
User Management
  • System has very effective user management module to define user rights and roles up to minute level which is critical on weighing operation.
  • The user rights in that there should be a super user account who can overwrite any transaction, supervisor account which has privileges and normal user who can only make transactions or view reports. the less privileged and supervisor account should not be able to view super user account as they can be tempted to make changes and log in to do fraudulent activities.
  • The software Must have tracking of all changes, and any transaction made in the system. Only the super user can access and print reports when any dispute arises and even if the super user makes any amendments in the system it should be recorded.

Special security
  • Save On Print Function.
  • To allow the system print only one ticket, and incase the clerk wants to reprint a second ticket, then it must be authorized by the supervisor (password) on the system and should have a mark to identify it as a reprint.
  • Marking Tickets Invisible if weighed Both Gross & Tare So weighbridge clerk cannot see.
  • The weighbridge operator details to appear on the ticket.
  • 3 level security architect.
  • User level.
  • Supervisor level.
  • System admin level.
Configuration management

General company information :- This is the window where you get to specify the company name and details i.e. address, email, fax etc. system can work on sql and mysql. Also licensing mode is based on number of indicators, company and modules

General Settings
  • The weigh master can either be type or weighbridge. You get to select your choice. There is also the option to select paths to the scripts, reports, customized reports and export file. Under modules there is a list of the modules provided and have to be checked so as to appear on the main screen.
  • Shift definition to pan as per shift.
  • Flow definition :- definition how print, saving to be done.
  • Display definition :- like rounding off, decimals etd.
  • mail settings :- company their define their smtp server settings to enable auto email feature.
  • print settings :- many options are giving on printing to control and make flow which is critical on weighbridge.


Node setup
  • Any indicator which can given output on hyper terminal can be configured on software.
  • System is parameterized t take care of different type of settings.
  • Also it can manage multiple NODES/ WEIGHBRIDGE on one pc as well.

Customized field settings

UDF :- User Defined fields Creation

  • Client can create Customized Fields on the Slip Entry Screen to Capture Extra Details e.g. Customer, Supplier, GRN No, Delivery No, Invoices No.
  • Fields can be defined in terms of.
    • Type :- text, number, formula etc
    • Size :- size of width
    • Decimal :- number of decimal
    • Mandatory :- is this field compulsory
    • Display :- text box, list box (depending on this system will create master)
    • Trac via :- entry with code, smart fill or unique value
    • Formula :-
      • When you Enter 10% Moisture Deduction, System Automatically Calculates the Net Weight
      • When you Specify the Rate Per KG, System Automatically Calculates the Amount
  • User can choose to Print these Customize Field Details on the Slip Print Out, transaction and all kind of reports
Synchronize data
  • Normally weighbridge is very critical operation. Also mostly they are far from each other and chances of network/ connection being down is high. In such scenario weighbridge should go down.
  • System works on following architect.
  • Central Client Server Architecture/ Hybrid Architecture.
  • Disconnected Architecture.
  • Disconnected Data Structure and Automatic Synchronization for Reporting.
  • All Weighbridge should Operate independently. They will be generating their own Weigh Slips. Now all these Weighbridges should be pushing the Data to Central Server for Reporting Purpose, where they will push all the Slip Entry details to Only One Database. This will require to Changes the Slip Nos Structure so that each Slip no is Identified with Weighbridge Name Prefix.
  • Any Amendments in the Slip Entry will be Reflected Back to the Central Server on synchronization.
  • Deletion of the Entry is not allowed, but only Cancellation will be allowed so that Central Server is Up to date with the data. This adds a Extra Level of Security Feature.


Custom Printing template
  • Slip/ label printing can also be customized as per user requirement. Users can put their logo or use pre-printed stationery and can even design their own slip.
  • They can define very easily their own format, font, size through click of button and apply system across.
  • Multiple labels can be designed based on usage like.
  • Delivery note.
  • Weighbridge slip.
  • Confirmation slip.

Main Entry Screen

Flexibility and customizability options make Weigh Master unique in a way that each and every field on entry screen can be parameterized on user preferences. Users can not only define the fields required but also specify the width, text type, whether information required is mandatory / optional etc. all those fields are seen hare which makes it easier to use.

  • Most of field are customizable and flow is defined in setup.
  • Slip number :- this follows sequence as defined in setup.
  • Fixed masters vehicle, material.
  • Multiple packing mode, multiple tare and packing units for industry.
  • User rights and control on flow, printing, editing.
  • Amount (pos part).
  • Customized field :- this comes form setup and acts as per the parameter set.
  • CCTV INTEGRATION (OPTIONAL):- system on click of button on weight will capture images from IP CAMERAS connected on front and back of weighbridge which is also stored in database. So for each transaction user will have. 4 images, 2 first weight and 2 for second weight (front and back).

Report Writer

Reports are designed to give all kind of output as required. Reports can be made available for all the parameters to give users in-depth analysis of their business. Weigh Master also has an option for exporting of reports in different formats like Microsoft Excel. In Built Report writer to Generate Various Reports.

  • User can Selected the various kind of Filters required for the report. E.g. Date Wise, Customer Wise, Vehicle Wise, Material Wise, etc.
  • Cube view so reports can be designed, previewed, saved and assigned to users.
  • All reports can be Printed in PDF, Screen, Printer as well as can be Exported into Excel.
  • Multiple filter options.
  • As easy as using MS Excel.

Mailer - Scheduler :- Auto Emailing Of Reports (optional)
  • User Group Management to whom Emails Should be Sent.
  • Email Schedule Management whereby they can define a Schedule based on that the Emails will be mailed.
  • User can choose which Reports to be Mailed to which group Of People.
  • No Outlook Installation Required. Reports gets mailed using Specified SMTP Settings.
  • Here you setup the email accounts of people who are supposed to get email of transaction/ reports done on a given period.
  • Under report email schedule you compose the email, enable the schedule for automated sending and specify when the schedule should is to be done and then add the reports you would like to be sent by adding them.
  • Schedules can even have bcc.
  • Also schedule can be defined daily, monthly, weekly and hourly.


All the Reports can be filtered, grouped by, summary by on any range and combination.

  • Daily movement analysis (with any combination).
  • Material analysis daily/ monthly.
  • Monthly customer / supplier analysis.
  • Turnaround time analysis.
  • Truck in report.
  • Truck Laying In Compound (Those Trucks who's first Weighing is done but 2nd is Pending).
  • Trucks which has left Weighing Only Report.
  • Current Date's First Weighing Only Report.
  • Current Date's Second Weighing only Report.
  • Report Showing First Weighing, Second Weighing And Net Weighing.
  • Report by product / supplier / customer etc and date range with all the weights and others details.

Other Features
  • Client can change his Slip Printing Lay Out by using In-Built Slip Designer.
  • Client Can choose to go for other Add-On-Module (to be Quoted Separately) e.g. "Audit Trail", "Camera Integration.
  • Scalable for Additional Client Specific Customizations.
  • Vehicle inspection module (optional).
  • Packing/ loading entry module (optional).
Auditing (Optional)
  • System Audit login Attempts. Every time a User Logs into the System or Fails to Log into the System.
  • From the Following Report Auditor will be able to compare Entries for the same Slip No and would be able to know that what was the 1st Entry and what is the Entry after amendments and what amendments are done. All the Amendments into the System should ask for User Remarks, so that the User can specify the Reason for amendments.
ERP Integration (Optional)
  • System can be integrated with ERP (subjected to customization, understanding, study)

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