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Smart Retail is a state-of-the-art system that enables retailers to improve their profitability through swift POS tendering, accurate inventory management, continual operations, holistic reports & analysis with an ideal combination of customisation, functionality and controls.

Key Software Features

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Multi-user, Multi -branch.
  • POS, Cas sales adn Credit sales.
  • Fast lookups, Weigh-scale interface.
  • Flexible pricing with multiple price lists.
  • Customer & Supplier management.
  • Multiple security levels.
  • Multi-currency, Multi-tendering option.
  • Built-in barcode generation.
  • Suspended sales handling.
  • Thorough tax analysis.
  • Efficient Data-backup & restore.
  • FTP synchronisation on schedule.
  • Extensive third-party integration.
  • Industry-Strength security.
  • Management & analysis reports.
  • Comprehensive integrated help.
  • MIS reports, Exports to MS-Excel.
In-Store Solutions
  • Point of sale & Credit sales.
  • Quich & accurate Tendering.
  • End of day reports.
  • MIS reports.
In-Store Solutions
  • Inventory management.
  • Store operations.
  • Audit trail.
  • Third party integration.
Multi-Branch Operations
  • Consolidation at H.O.
  • Centralised management.
  • Scheduled FTP snyc.
  • Branch reports.


Provides quick sales transation handling with all features to manage the dynamics of modern day customer.

  • POS, Cash sales & credit sales.
  • Quick & accurate tendering.
  • Security controls for sales operations.
  • Alternate units & Linked items.
  • Multy-Currency & Multiple tendering.
  • Integrated with ESD & Fiscal printers.
  • Detailed sales analysis.
  • Stock query during sales.
Inventory Control

Manages extensive inventory to great details while providing full control on the inventory movement and handling.

  • Item code, barcode & item description.
  • Stock group & stock catagories.
  • Alternate units & linked items.
  • Re-order levels.
  • Physical stock-take.
  • Manage multiple warehouse.
  • Stock list & stock valuation.
  • Inventory MIS reports.

Provides the flexibility with tight control while puchasing items. Has comprehensive controls to keep a check on purchasing operations and impact transparency.

  • Quotation comparison.
  • LPO generation.
  • Full purchase order processing workflow.
  • Receive goods in part and track the deliveries.
  • Purchase returns.
Till Management

Hanldes each and every Cash Till to provide fine grain control with added flexibility to handle transactions rapidly.

  • Create & manage multiple tills.
  • Till wise cash-flow monitoring.
  • Multiple tenedring modes.
  • Authorisation based sales entry modifications.
  • Day-end procedures.
  • Till wise MIS reports.
Advanced Features
  • Global quick filter.
  • Buck price list update.
  • Price list per UoM.
  • Stock management with all UoM.
  • Item attributes.
  • Shelf labelling.
  • FTP based branch sync.
  • User defined fields for scalability.
  • Report writer for custom reports.
  • Detailed audit trail.

Prduces all necessary information required to manage business processes of an organization and take well informed management decisions.

  • GL Based accounting.
  • Receipt, Payments & Journals.
  • Debtors & Cerditors ageing analysis & statements.
  • Built-in Integration with Tally.
  • Integration with 3rd party Software.
Major reports available


  • Top sales, Daily transactions listing.
  • Invoice, credit notes, delivery notes analysis.


  • PO status, Goods received details.
  • Periodic purchase analysis, Purchase taxation.


  • Negative stock analysis, Stock valuation.
  • Re-order level, Movement analysis.


  • Z-report, End-of-day, VAT analysis.
  • Sync log analysis.
Industry Verticals
  • Retail Store Chains.
  • Wholesale.
  • Mobile phone outlet.
  • Service stations.
  • Hardware stores.
  • Gift stores.
  • Apparel outlets.
  • Any retail outles.


  • User audit trail, Transaction history.
  • System user rights and roles.

Report writer

  • Create and save costomised reports.
  • Assign report access to users.
  • Virtually unlimited reports generation.
  • Analyse data with cross-tab layouts.
Multi branch
  • Allows offline/ online operations at branches.
  • permits data movement & restrictions as per rights.
  • Synchorineses data at pre-defined schedules.
  • Generates detailed log of data synch.
  • Centralised control and minitoring of data.
  • Allows local purchase of transations form branches.

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