People Identification

Quick employee identification for identification, accurate payments and many more applications

Identify and verify your staff, employee, supplier or anyone required to make sure that you are dealing with the correct person for any transaction that you are doing.In today’s industries when a company has got a high number of employees and people entering in and out of the company premises, fraud is very rampant and having a control over various scenarios of working with a genuine person is of utmost importance to avoid loses.

Key Software Features

Our people identification system will do just that using various biometric technologies. Swiping your finger or Hand onto our biometric systems will instantly inform the staff in charge who the person they are dealing with is. Instant information of the person being identified along with their picture will be displayed on the screen for verification.

Furthermore, the employee identification system can also be connected to a small receipt printer that can print vouchers or tokens for further approvals.

Advantages of the system
  • Quickly identify the person you are dealing with
  • View his picture, department details, and personal information
  • Works over the network or RS232 connection
  • Connect a receipt printer to print voucher or tokens upon verification
  • Maintain records of when the person last accessed the area
  • Easy and Quick to use
  • Uses biometric technologies such as Hand Punch and Finger print systems
  • RFID Technology can also be used
  • Avoid fraud and unwarranted access to facilities
Some Scenarios where the PIS can be used:

Stores/ Supplies Section of a company:

A biometric system will be installed at the stores/ supplied department with a connection to the computer having the employee database. When an employee comes to pick in any equipment with a GRN (Goods Receipt Note), he or she will need to clock into the biometric machine provided. Upon accepting the employee’s finger/hand, that employee’s information will appear instantly on the computer assigned for the identification. A further detailed view can also be got giving more detailed information including his picture.

This will allow the person in charge of the stores to verify the person who has come to pick the items is indeed the correct person from the correct department and will also have a record of when that employee had come to the store.

Farmers Payments:

Agriculture/ Dairy/ Horticulture/ Tea/ Coffee/ Sugar Cane based companies who buy items from 3rd party farmers will need a system to identify that the person claiming the payment is indeed the same person they have been dealing with. Our system will help in identifying that person with detailed information and the officer in charge will also have the same in their records. This will ensure that a wrong person is not being paid hence correctly identifying the person with his biometric details.

Patients Identification for Hospitals:

When a clinic or hospital has got patients, who come for multiple visits, our system will identify the person so as to allow the hospital staff to correctly preview his or her existing file. This creates an ease in managing of patients and also will maintain records of their visits by time and date.

Some Other sections where the system can be used:

Membership Identification for Gym/ Golf Course/ or related membership Clubs, Student Identification for schools or universities, Canteen Management, Security Staff Identification for Banks etc.

Employee identification system

In todays scenario in high number employees identification of employees is difficult task. Our employee identification system enables client to do same identify person (with popup details and picture) who is using biometric device like (fingerprint or hand punch)


  • On identification quick display of pictures and details
  • Works on RS232 communication
  • Works over network
  • Can belinked with pay sheet so person getting payment can sign and be identified

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