HR Master: Human Resource management

Web based HRMS that drives business growth

HR Master is a comprehensive web-based HR management solution which focuses on effective and efficient way to manage an organization's most valuable assets, its EMPLOYEES. HR Master is real-time, multiuser system, facilitating the management of human resources throughout the organization in a distributed fashion.

Key Software Features

Core employee module
  • Captures detailed employee information e.g. Personal contact details, statutory information, medical, family, bank, past history and archive.
  • File, folder management.
  • Upload scanned documents e.g. National ID, passport, license etc.
  • Manage contractual employees.
  • Customised reporting structure to depict organization chart.
  • Employee self service module.
  • Employee career history tracking.
  • Organisation hierarchy at different levels.
  • Disciplinary and award management.
  • Separation module with work flow.
  • Employee contract management.
  • Time sheet recording with projects & tasks.
  • User defined fields across all modules.
  • Easy information sorting.

Main Features
  • Provides management functionality and business processes of HR.
  • Easy to use interface & Quick learning curve.
  • Multi-company & Multi-branch.
  • Automates and streamlines HR procedures.
  • Provides centralized procedures.
  • Allows workforce planning.
  • Improves admin responsiveness and efficiency.
  • HR dashboard for information retrieval.
  • Audit trails & Error log viewer.
  • Scalable to suit growing HR business needs.
  • Ensures employee data security & accuracy.
  • MIS reports & analysis.
  • Detailed master & transaction reports.
  • Extensive and user-friendly help.
  • Data import / export.
  • Stable database platform with error checks.
  • Fine grained user access control.
  • Dynamic search
  • with advance filter.
  • Facility of Import data to PDF and Excel in any module.
  • Email integration based on rules.
  • Create user roles & grants rights to user.
  • Email setup with alert configuration.
  • Upload company specific HR policies in various formats.
  • Export data from any screen.
  • Filter records from any module-any screen.
  • Grants branch or global access to user.
  • Allocates document upload quota to users.
  • One-click software update.
  • Create vacancies with custom work flow steps, questionnaire & documents required.
  • Export the job to be posted to website and newspaper adverts.
  • Import candidate to create roster & search for required skills in candidate profile.
  • Manage candidates by changing stage levels and easy sorting.
  • Create correspondence templates for various stages to be sent to candidates.
  • Trace interviews, Offers & Appointments.
  • Rank listing & decision recording.
  • Migration of recruitment info into master.
Leave Management
  • Customized leave types.
  • Carry-forward leaves with multiple criteria.
  • Leave adjustment by addition / deletion.
  • Customized reporting structure for leaves.
  • Monthly leave calender for departmental leave analysis.
  • Leave allocation to various employees.
  • Manages company leave calendar.
  • Opening leaves balances export / import.
  • Year end process with leave balance effect.
  • Leave applications with controls and approval levels.
  • Setup training program including, syllabus, schedule, questionnaire, rating etc.
  • Create training sessions, schedules and sending invites.
  • Create question templates of various types .
  • Create online/ offline quiz for staff & feedback form for trainer.
  • Track staff training progress.
  • Archive training sessions for future reference.
  • Add suppliers for asset purchase & serial number tagging option.
  • Store & display asset requisition policy.
  • Handle asset return or loss, track asset condition & charge penalty.
  • Asset requisition with approve, cancel or question option for approver.
  • Create customized appraisals at various levels.
  • Two modes of appraisal tracking, Goal based and KPI based.
  • Customized reporting structure for appraisal management.
  • Initiate self appraisals for reporting staff with revoking feature.
  • Full appraisal communication log.
  • Rating by staff & manager with arbitration by HR Manager.
  • Recommendations on appraisals.
Medical claim & compensation
  • Prints official documents & forms for submissions.
  • Tracks medical charges and Insurance claims.
  • Maintains a log of pending issues to be sorted out on any ongoing case.
  • Synchronises the employee records with Payroll.
TA / Payroll Integration
  • Directly interfaces with TA and Payroll.
  • Data could be exchanged real time.
  • Leaves updated to Time Master directly.
  • Payroll & attendance information can be viewed in HR management system (self service modules).
  • Employee can view pay-slip, Loan register, Saving register, Salary review, pension contribution.
Travel Planner
  • Full travel itinerary with client tracking.
  • Approval processing for claim requests.
  • Export claims to integrate with accounts.
  • Control travel spend budgets.
  • Track claims online & Get timely disbursements.
  • Organize and monitor expense reports.


  • Master reports for various details viz. organogram, listings.
  • Personal details viz. career progression, emergency details, medical details.
  • Career details viz. Past employment history, career progress, experience, soft-skills.
  • Contractual reports viz. contract details, status, expiry, history.


  • Leave calender, leave balance summary.
  • Application, transactions.


  • Asset listing, Purchase details.
  • Allocation records, Status report.


  • Appraisal master, Process details.
  • Status i.e. rating, archived, negotiation.
  • Finalized appraisals.


  • Training details viz. schedule


  • Recruitment flow & status analysis.
  • Organisation structure analysis.
  • Various templates printing.


  • Ratio analysis.
  • Staff Skills Distribution Analysis.
  • Employee performance analysis.
  • Employee training rating.
  • Candidate job matrix analysis.
  • Candidate recruitment action history.
  • Budget management across all modules.
  • Audit trail.
  • Succession planning.
  • Approval forms with template & flow.
  • Forums, messages & notifications.
  • Appraisal 3600.
  • Web based report writer.

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