Access Master: Access Control

Customizable, affordable and expandable access control solution

Genetive Soft’s AccessMaster provides an innovative and superior access control solution that enables organizations to protect and control, assets, properties, operations and information.

Key Software Features

Access Master not only guarantees minimizing access and unwanted intrusion, but also lets you exercise full control on who's entering your premises. You can set up the system to pre-determine and permit who may go where, when, and under what conditions. And that's not all, Access Master can also be used to monitor hardware functionality and to raise an alarm or an alert if a particular device no longer responds or if it is subjected to hardware failure or attack.

Access Master is also of invaluable assistance for an efficient crisis management when clearing the building in-case of fire or any other emergency.

Access Master is available with a variety of options and can be either Network-based or Stand-alone.

  • Card for In & Out.
  • PIN only for In & Out.
  • Card and PIN for In & Out.
  • Fingerprint Reader for In & Out.
  • Fingerprint Reader for In & Card for Out.

Salient Features
Access Master’s powerful and flexible function make it one of the most comprehensive, robust and efficient access control system available.

  • Multi-site, multi-tasking and multi-user management.
  • Anti pass-back.
  • Provision for PIN code and emergency code.
  • Visitor management set up.
  • Card-holder location in real time.
  • Control of the events based on the person or the door.
  • Unlimited passwords and operator profiles.
  • Flexibility to two up additional parameters in free fields.
  • Presence meters.
  • task scheduler.
  • Time zone and authentication management.
  • Back-up management.
  • Administrative management of the personnel database.
  • export / import utility.
  • Audit Trail through Operator Log File.
  • Built in Report generator with pre defined management reports for tracking purposes.

Genetive Soft can also provide a complete Building Management System (BMS) solution. Most 3rd system can be integrated onto our platform to ensure a seamless integrated solution. These system are designed and implemented according to user-defined requirement and specifications.

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